The aim of the conservation policy is to:

  • Return as many fish as possible to the river.
  • Adopt best practice for releasing fish to ensure good survival.
  • Optimise the number of smolts leaving the Oykel.

11th January - 14th June

All fish are to be released in accordance with the Lower & Upper Oykel Guidelines. Only single hooked, or tube flies with a single hook, are to be used, with a size not greater than 2/0.

15th June - 30th September

Single, double and tube flies to be used with a hook size not greater than size No 2. All fish over 65cm in length are to be released. (Equates to approximately 7Lbs). Each party may retain up to a maximum of 3 fish per week.

Throughout the Season

Treble hooks are not to be permitted at any time. All Sea-Trout over 3 Lbs must be returned. The sale of rod caught salmon is an offence under Scottish law.