Stan has been a fly fisherman for 50+ years, mostly devoted to wild brown trout in lochs.

He has been a contributor to the angling press for 34 years, and has had published two books, Trout & Salmon Flies of Scotland (1997) and The Loch Fisher’s Bible (2005), both of which are still in print.

Stan has been a contributor to Trout & Salmon magazine since 1985, and now has been a monthly contributor since 2009.

Becoming Scottish National Fly Fishing Champion in 1990, Stan went on to represent Scotland in the international fly fishing scene both as a competitor and team manager for 11 years.

His understanding of freshwater ecology and environmental studies, and fish behaviour is widely recognised as being in the forefront amongst angling writers. He became a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for his studies into the effects of the agricultural pollution on freshwater ecology.

An accomplished fly tyer, Stan has also contributed to the fly pattern list. Amongst his most widely used trout fly creations are the Doobry, Wet Daddy, Crippled Midge, Sedgehog, Peterson’s Pennell, and Octopus.

He will be fishing the Oykel Lochs and will host a couple of evenings with hotel guests during the week beginning May 1st.