Oykel Conservation Policy

The aim of the conservation policy is to:

  • Return as many fish as possible to the river.
  • Adopt best practice for releasing fish to ensure good survival.
  • Optimise the number of smolts leaving the Oykel.
11th January – 14th June

All fish are to be released in accordance with the Lower & Upper Oykel Guidelines. Only single hooked, or tube flies with a single hook, are to be used, with a size not greater than 2/0.

15th June – 30th September

Single, double and tube flies to be used with a hook size not greater than size No 2. All fish over 65cm in length are to be released. (Equates to approximately 7Lbs). Each party may retain up to a maximum of 3 fish per week.

Throughout the Season

Treble hooks are not to be permitted at any time. All Sea-Trout over 3 Lbs must be returned. The sale of rod caught salmon is an offence under Scottish law.

The Oykel Bridge Hotel
The Oykel Bridge Hotel
The Oykel Bridge Hotel
The Oykel Bridge Hotel


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